Meine Gesundheit Magazine: Healthy Hair Comes From an Abundant Nutrient Supply

The following article originally appeared in the winter 2018/2019 edition of Meine Gesundheit: (Read article now)

With more than 100 granules that have been developed over the past 25 years, the HCK® modular system is the basis for health innovations in a wide variety of areas. Based on practical experience, the experienced nutritionist Simone Barbara Häcki from Zug has developed a solution to effectively tackle hair loss at the root. In "My Health" she tells her story.

As a nutritionist, I've been used to working successfully with micronutrients according to the HCK® modular system since 2002. In 2009, I had a pivotal experience from which many people have since benefited: a 40-year-old interior designer came to my practice with the desire to lose 15 kilograms. In order to achieve her feel-good weight, we drew up a personal nutrition plan with her, which, in addition to a change in diet, also includes a balanced supply of essential nutrients and vital substances. In response to her question as to whether HCK® not only supports healthy weight loss, but also helps against her extremely thinning hair, I could not and did not want to make any promises at first. But after the woman had described her ordeal to me, I said goodbye with the binding promise that I would deal in depth with her special concern. So for two weeks I buried myself in textbooks to find answers to key questions that have bothered me since that encounter:

  • What is this woman missing personally that her body reacts with such severe hair loss?
  • What nutrient deficiencies might be behind this?
  • What has to happen in her body for her hair to grow back?
  • How must the micronutrients be selected and coordinated
    in order to bring your body's self-regulatory powers back into perfect balance?

A complex thought construct emerged from this professional discussion, which, together with a dash of intuition, led to an HCK® mixture that I assumed could help her. Because of this customer's history, I didn't want to build up too high expectations from her, which could have led to further disappointment. Instead, I put her in the mood for a long test of patience of at least a year until the first successes could be seen with regular use. What was really groundbreaking: After just 9 months, this woman had full hair that was about 7 centimeters long again! And we were both totally happy about that!

In order to function optimally, every single cell needs a certain amount of vital nutrients every day - vitamins, minerals, trace elements, but e.g. B. also proteins, amino acids and fats.

When the body signals a lack of nutrients
What was the key to success? Logical thinking in contexts and details as well as taking into account as many different factors as possible have led to the decisive findings. It is also very important to consider the biochemical steps and processes that take place in the body. Although the hair can fall out for a wide variety of reasons, one can basically say: If it is not supplied with the necessary nutrients over a long period of time, then sooner or later it will begin to weaken and eventually fall out.

Finding the healthy nutrient balance
The body is like a mobile – a balanced structure made up of many individual elements.Therefore, a deficiency can never be counteracted with just one nutrient. It takes a mixture of different substances in the right dosage to cover personal needs and restore balance. The complexity of the interrelationships can be illustrated using the example of stress regulation that no longer works well: if stress gets out of hand and regeneration falls short or someone suffers from anger, grief and worries, then e.g. B. the liver is very sensitive to it.

My client's success story from 2009 spread from "word-to-mouth" and so it happened that over time I received more and more inquiries about "my hair restorer", which I responded to as part of my nutritional advice could always help in Zug.

In contrast to conventional hair restorers, which consist of a maximum of 6 ingredients, many of which are synthetically produced, POWERHAIR is hand-mixed from around 40 different micronutrients. These substances are individually high dosed according to the actual need, which is not the case with conventional standard products. And the nice thing about it is: Due to the philosophy behind it, POWERHAIR is not only good for the hair, but for the whole body!


Text: Simone Barbara Wietlisbach and Jürgen Kupferschmid Pictures: zVg, Bykobrinphoto/