Entrepreneur with competence and heart

Simone Wietlisbach is a qualified nutrition and health consultant and founder of Powerhair®. In her more than 20 years of practice, she has successfully advised and treated over 3,000 customers worldwide in matters of health and nutrition - and knows what she is talking about.

A happy coincidence and a lot of courage paired with enthusiasm brought Simone Wietlisbach in 2009 her now worldwide unique and patented hair restorer Powerhair®. At that time, Simone Wietlisbach was visited by a customer who was not only suffering from weight problems but also from severe hair loss.

At the request of the customer and driven by her own urge to research, Simone Wietlisbach began to deal with the subject of hair loss: She studied specialist publications intensively, compared studies, searched for natural treatment options - and found them: With success and on the basis of her broad knowledge of orthomolecular medicine, she was able to prove that certain living conditions, deficiency symptoms and interactions can influence our metabolism and that hair growth can be regenerated and promoted in a completely natural way.

By means of a targeted supply of micronutrients, Simone Wietlisbach was able to stimulate the growth of her customer's hair and nails again. The convincing result not only surprised the customer, but also the Powerhair® founder herself.

Thanks to this unique discovery, the dedicated nutritionist devoted herself not only to weight loss, but also to hair growth. Meanwhile, Simone Wietlisbach and her team successfully advise customers around the world on hair, nutrition and health.

Simone Wietlisbach
CEO & Founder, Powerhair AG.

Specialist therapist for orthomolecular medicine