A Competent and Thoughtful Entrepreneur

Powerhair® was founded in 2009 by Simone Wietlisbach, a certified nutrition and health specialist with over 20 years of experience. Simone has successfully consulted and treated over 3,000 clients worldwide in matters of health and nutrition. Suffice it to say, she knows what she’s talking about.

The idea for Powerhair®, a now globally unique and patented hair growth solution came thanks to a lucky coincidence, when Simone was approached by a client who not only struggled with weight problems, but also severely thinning hair.

At the customer’s request and driven by her own urge to find a solution, Simone began researching the subject of hair loss. Relying on her broad knowledge of orthomolecular medicine, she studied academic papers and compared studies to find natural treatment options. After much research, she was able to prove that certain life circumstances and changes in internal interactions can cause deficiencies which impact the metabolism to the extent of causing hair loss. Ultimately, Simone discovered that hair growth can be regenerated and stimulated in a completely natural way.

By means of a precisely targeted and individualized micronutrient therapy, Simone was able to restore the health of her customer’s hair and nails. The overwhelmingly positive result not only surprised the customer, but the Powerhair® founder herself.

Encouraged by this unique discovery, Simone began dedicating herself to providing targeted hair-growth solutions, beside her work as a nutrition specialist. Today, Simone Wietlisbach and the Powerhair ® team provide competent and honest care for hair, nutrition, and health to customers around the world.

Simone Wietlisbach
CEO & Founder, Powerhair AG.

Certified Therapist for Modern Orthomolecular Medicine