Sara Arnold

Although my hair did not become thicker, it became more robust and fuller. I am simply thrilled and can highly recommend Powerhair® to anyone. Despite further regular coloring and straightening, my hair has grown back healthily, and split ends have disappeared.


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Mr. Schlumpf   

How has your experience with Powerhair® been?   

Since taking Powerhair®, I’ve felt much more vital and energized; this became noticeable after about two to three months. I needed a bit more patience to see the first hair results, but finally, after five months of treatment, I noticed substantial hair growth in areas where none had in 40 years. (See photo).   

What made you decide to take Powerhair®?   

I went to Mrs. Wietlisbach for nutritional counseling to lose a few kilos. She recommended this hair treatment to me as a supplement when we discussed the balding at the back of my head during a consultation. I trusted her and started taking the Powerhair® granules, despite not being sure if it would really work for me.   I was surprised and very happy to notice that hair could regrow in a place that had been completely smooth for so many years. I found Mrs. Wietlisbach and her team’s care in terms of nutrition and hair growth very positive and professional.   

I highly recommend them!