Success Stories


"Powerhair gives me more energy and strength."

Daniel Grieder
CEO HUgo boss

"I’ve been taking Powerhair® for five months and the result is already so positive. A few days ago, I went to my long-time hairdresser in Tokyo. Surprised, she asked me what had happened to my hair. "Why?" I asked back, to which she replied that I had so much new, healthy hair. Both my hairdresser and I are thrilled!"




"My whole body benefits from Powerhair®"

Samih Sawiris

"As a top athlete, having the highest quality in supplementation is very important to me!"

Ralph Weber
Swiss ski racer | Junior World Champion


"I am definitely fitter, despite no change in physical activity or lifestyle - I feel better.... My hair, skin and nails are visibly more beautiful and well-groomed. I very often receive praise from clients and friends. Mostly, they ask: "How can you look so insanely young, fit & vital?!" There are many my age who look far older.  I often compare Powerhair to the saying, " You have to love yourself before you can love others." If we love ourselves, we should love ourselves consciously and this includes the first and most important point: our own health and then the outward appearance... and only after that comes the fashion of LA HONG!"

Fashion designers from Austria


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