POWERHAIR® - Beautiful From The Inside Out

We use only the best, all-natural ingredients for our hair growth supplements, which are processed to the highest standards. The ingredients used in the Powerhair® granules are not synthetically sourced, meaning that the body is able to metabolise them to the maximum extent.

The principle of Powerhair® is based on taking care of the body in a natural way and over an extended period of time. By providing a full supply of micronutrients and correcting deficiencies, Powerhair® replenishes the body’s reserves and helps reactivate hair growth.

A consistent intake of qualitative ingredients is crucial for the success of a hair growth treatment.

  • The hair papilla forms so that the hair root cell can develop.
  • The hair root is nourished and the hair forms.
  • The hair becomes thicker, its connection to blood vessels strenghtens. The speed at which the hair grows, and its longevity depend on its nutrient supply. A well-supplied hair can survive up to 6 years. A poorly supplied hair may shed as early as 6 months after growing.
  • Every hair falls out at some point. This occurs when the follicle detaches from the blood vessels. Shedding is a normal process but can be accelerated by poor nutrition and/or use of abrasive grooming products.
  • The follicle weakens, eventually dying completely. The capillary network retracts.
  • The hair is shed from the body.
  • The resting phase begins and the hair shaft recovers. When the body’s nutrient reserves recover, a new growth phase can begin.


A personalized treatment for moderate to severe hair loss

CHF 1'080


Granules Instead of Capsules

To ensure the maximal absorption of the micronutrients, Powerhair® comes in granule form. While tablets or capsules already disintegrate in the stomach, granules protect the substances they contain much better.

This means that as granules, the micronutrients pass through the stomach and reach the small intestine undamaged. Here, they are absorbed by the digestive system through the intestinal wall and fed into the body's own reservoirs. The nutrients are not released all at once, but successively and continuously over a period of hours through a sustained-release effect.

This has the great advantage of allowing the body to absorb and process the valuable nutrients gradually instead of excreting them almost unused.



Stay Hydrated

Make sure to always drink enough water. We recommend drinking at least 2-3 litres per day.

Small Investment, Big Impact

In the first week, we recommend taking only half the prescribed dosage to accustom your body to the micronutrients gently and facilitate the detoxification process.

Easy Intake

We recommend dividing your prescribed daily dose of Powerhair® into two portions, taken approximately 6-8 hours apart, following a meal. You can take Powerhair® with some water, juice or mixed into a yogurt.


The dosage of micronutrients in your personalized POWERHAIR® treatment depends on your height and weight. We also take your personal lifestyle into account when putting together your mixture.

Factors we consider include whether you exercise, smoke, your alcohol consumption, dietary habits, and medical history, among others. In this way, we can determine a micronutrient blend that is optimal for you.

You will receive a daily dosage recommendation of Powerhair® that has been individually adapted for you. Please adhere to this amount, which you can distribute over one or two portions per day. Our recommendation is to take one half in the morning, and one in the evening, or approximately 6-8 hours apart.

Good to Know!

In the first week, we recommend taking only half the prescribed dosage to accustom your body to the micronutrients gently and facilitate the detoxification process.

- If you are taking medication, we recommend that you take Powerhair® one to two hours later.

- Store Powerhair® in a dry place away from light. It can also be stored in the refrigerator.

- The granules do not dissolve in liquid.

- There is no benefit in increasing your daily dosage, as it has already been optimally adjusted for you.

- The granules must not be heated or chewed, otherwise valuable nutrients will be lost.

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