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Because every person is unique, we adapt your Powerhair® granules to suit your individual needs.


    A personalized treatment for moderate to severe hair loss

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  • POWERHAIR® Premium Kur

    A personalized premium treatment with anti-aging formula for moderate to severe hair loss

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Powerhair® Care

A universal treatment for mild to moderate hair loss

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A personalized treatment for moderate to severe hair loss

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Powerhair® Micronutrient granules

Hair loss is primarily caused by nutrient deficiencies. Increases in stress, exposure to heavy metals, hormonal changes, operations, illnesses, as well as many other factors can deplete the body’s reserves. When it struggles to supply vital organs, the body begins to withdraw nutrients from “non-vital” areas, such as the hair roots. Without a steady supply of nutrients, hair cannot grow healthily, until it eventually falls out. The good news? It’s reversible!

Powerhair® naturally restores hair growth by replenishing your body’s inner reserves.

Using 36 to 45 carefully balanced and naturally sourced micronutrients that come in the form of granules, Powerhair® targets nutrient deficiencies directly and efficiently. Our globally patented hair growth solution gives your body the chance to reprioritize hair growth in a natural way, and on its own terms.

How does Powerhair® work?

Micronutrients are the driving forces in our cells: A balanced reserve of high-quality micronutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements) is essential for hair growth.

Although the body’s nutrient reserves can be restored by means of a healthy and balanced diet, deficits can still occur.

Our Powerhair® granules compensate for imbalances and restore the body’s reserves directly and efficiently.

Unique and personalized

Every person is unique, so why shouldn’t your hair supplements be too? At Powerhair®, we mix our micronutrient granules to suit your individual needs.

To achieve the best results, we consider factors such as your age, gender, weight, height, and personal lifestyle. How often do you exercise? Do you smoke or consume alcohol frequently? Do you have a balanced diet? Our goal is to create a restorative treatment that is perfectly adapted to you.

In most cases, it takes up to 9 months (or up to 24 months in severe cases) for the desired result to be achieved.

How does it Work?


Please fill out the questionnaire.

Tell us about your hair, your lifestyle and your health. Your personalized blend will be made based on these answers


We create your micronutrient blend.

Our founder Simone Wietlisbach writes up every Powerhair® formula from scratch.


Watch your hair grow!

The granules are delivered directly to your home. You should begin to see early positive results as soon as a few weeks after commencing treatment.

Keep at it – it will pay off!

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Enthusiastic customers

  • Samih Sawiris


    “My whole body benefits from Powerhair®”

  • La Hong

    Fashion designer

    “I am definitely fitter, despite no change in physical activity or lifestyle - I feel better....”

  • Daniel Grieder

    CEO Hugo Boss

    “Powerhair gives me more energy and strength”

  • Tomoko Mayeda

    International Concert Violinist

    “I’ve been taking Powerhair® for five months and the result is already so positive.”

  • Ralph Weber

    Swiss Ski Racer

    "As a top athlete, having the highest quality in supplementation is very important to me!"

A competent entrepreneur with a big heart

A happy coincidence and a lot of courage paired with enthusiasm brought Simone Wietlisbach in 2009 her now worldwide unique and patented hair restorer Powerhair®. At that time, Simone Wietlisbach was visited by a customer who was not only suffering from weight problems but also from severe hair loss. At the request of the customer and driven by her own urge to research, Simone Wietlisbach began to deal with the subject of hair loss: She studied specialist publications intensively, compared studies, looked for natural treatment options - and found them: With success and on the basis of her broad knowledge of orthomolecular medicine, she was able to they prove that certain living conditions, deficiency symptoms and interactions can influence our metabolism and that hair growth can be regenerated and promoted in a completely natural way.

Simone Wietlisbach | Founder and CEOs


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