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Powerhair® Care

A universal treatment for mild to moderate hair loss

Ab CHF 240


A personalized treatment for moderate to severe hair loss

Ab CHF 1'080

Powerhair® granules

Hair loss is caused by a lack of nutrients: Increased stress, states of shock, heavy metal pollution, hormonal changes, after operations, illnesses or even poor blood circulation in the scalp can mean that your hair roots are no longer supplied with enough nutrients.

And this is exactly where the Powerhair® granules come into play.

With 36 to 45 selected, precisely coordinated micronutrients, Powerhair® gets to the root of the problem. Our hair growth solution, patented worldwide, works like natural hair restorers in the fight against stubborn hair loss!

How does Powerhair® work?

Micronutrients are the driving force in our cells: A balanced store of high-quality micronutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements) is essential for survival - and crucial for hair growth.

Although this store is continuously filled with a healthy diet, there are always deficits.

Powerhair® granules compensate for this imbalance reliably and naturally.

Unique and individual

Since every person is unique, we mix and dose your Powerhair® granules to suit you and your personal needs.

We take factors such as age, gender, weight, size and your personal lifestyle into account: How often do you do sports? Do you smoke? How high is your alcohol consumption? What do you eat? Our goal is to offer you a mixture and dosage recommendation that is perfectly tailored to you.

Experience has shown that it takes 9 months (up to 24 months in cases of hardship) until the desired effect occurs and your hair growth is stimulated again.

Wie Du zu Deiner personalisierten Mischung kommst…


Beantworte die Fragen

Erzähle uns ein wenig über Dein Haar, Deinen Lebensstil und Deine Gesundheit. Aufgrund dieser Antworten wird Deine individuelle Mischung für Dich erstellt.


Wir erstellen die Mischung

Unsere Gründerin Simone Wietlisbach schreibt jede einzelne POWERHAIR® Rezeptur von Grund auf neu.

Nachdem Du die Bestellung getätigt hast, wird ein Kundenprofil für Dich angelegt.


Du siehst Deinen Haaren beim wachsen zu

Das Granulat wird direkt zu Dir nach Hause geliefert. Nach wenigen Wochen wirst Du bereits ein positives Resultat erkennen können.

Bleib dran - es lohnt sich!

Visit our FAQ page or make an appointment for a personal consultation.

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Enthusiastic customers

  • Samih Sawiris


    “My whole body
    benefits from Powerhair.”

  • LaHong

    fashion designer

    ““I am clearly fitter and I feel better. Hair - skin & nails are visibly more beautiful & well-groomed..”

  • Daniel Grieder

    CEO Hugo Boss

    “Powerhair gives me more
    energy and strength.”

  • Tomoko Mayeda

    concert giver

    “I've been taking Powerhair® for 5 months and the result is already so positive. ”

  • Ralph Weber

    ski racer

    "As a top athlete, the highest quality in supplementation is very important to me!"

Entrepreneur with competence and heart

A happy coincidence and a lot of courage paired with enthusiasm brought Simone Wietlisbach in 2009 her now worldwide unique and patented hair restorer Powerhair®. At that time, Simone Wietlisbach was visited by a customer who was not only suffering from weight problems but also from severe hair loss. At the request of the customer and driven by her own urge to research, Simone Wietlisbach began to deal with the subject of hair loss: She studied specialist publications intensively, compared studies, looked for natural treatment options - and found them: With success and on the basis of her broad knowledge of orthomolecular medicine, she was able to they prove that certain living conditions, deficiency symptoms and interactions can influence our metabolism and that hair growth can be regenerated and promoted in a completely natural way.

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