POWERHAIR® Premium Cure

Your personalized premium cure with anti-aging formula

Swiss Made
Maximum natural ingredients
Personalized Blend

Delivery: 3-5 working days after receipt of payment
Weight: 360g
Scope of delivery: 3 cans of 360g each

*ab CHF 182 / Mt. mit Ratenzahlung

Please first select the duration of the treatment and then answer the questionnaire so that we can put together your mixture individually.


Only take half of the dose in the first week so that the intestines can get used to the high-quality micronutrients.

Take one scoop in the morning and one in the evening after a meal

Drink at least 1 glass of water immediately after taking your Powerhair® Premium cure

Water, fruit juice, or in combination with yoghurt ensures successful distribution in the body


Powerhair® Kur and Powerhair® Premium Kur dietary supplements are Swiss high-end quality products on a natural basis and contain valuable ingredients such as biotin, silicon, calcium and selenium, which help to maintain healthy hair. Iron and magnesium contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to the normal functioning of the nervous system.


The Powerhair® Premium treatment with anti-aging formula is our high-end tailor-made mixture, which consists of up to 45 exquisite nutrients and is also enriched with top-class antioxidants. Natural ingredients that are found in fruit and vegetables and with their excellent properties protect the body from negative external influences and have a natural anti-aging effect.

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POWERHAIR® Premium Cure

Your personalized premium cure with anti-aging formula

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your personalized product for moderate to severe hair loss

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