about us

about us

Swiss world novelty with a natural effect against hair loss, for hair growth and health


At Powerhair® we take measure and balance your body's internal nutrient supply just as moderately. A pure Swiss quality product that consists of over 40 selected micronutrients (vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements), is precisely matched to one another and is dosed specifically for you and your actual needs.


Individually incorporated into purely plant-based microcapsules (granules), you are supplied with the substances that your body really needs, thus creating a reliable basis on which you and your body can build when hair growth is reactivated - it has been proven. Because the positive properties for hair, body and health are real, targeted and comprehensive in terms of effect and quality - honest care!


The treatment and effect of are normally biological, gentle and go hand in hand with a high natural performance. Because the delayed release (retard effect) and absorption of the micronutrients into the bloodstream causes a gradual and continuous supply over hours. Overdosing and underdosing are thus excluded.


Powerhair® does not force, but respects and supports the natural process, while conventional preparations are released as a whole, not processed to the required extent and are excreted from the body after a short time without having achieved anything. Because we are aware that the care and the recipe are as individual as everyone is unique.


Powerhair®, founded by a power woman, to keep what could only be promised in a hairy affair, with the declared mission: «to serve people, their individual beauty and health by promoting them skin and hair as he is».