Stop hair loss in 2-3 weeks in a completely natural way with Powerhair®

Stop hair loss in 2-3 weeks in a completely natural way.

Up to 100 hairs falling out a day are quite normal. In addition, hair loss is a real, individually experienced loss that has different causes. You deserve clarification and a real solution - we can offer you both. Whether your hair loss is caused by genetics, stress or external influences, with Powerhair® you can actively stop your hair loss. You want an immediate solution or a free consultation - we offer you a hand with our products and consulting services.

This is how Powerhair® works

Stores of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements are in deficit.

Cells and hair roots can no longer be supplied: Important substances can no longer reach the hair.

Powerhair® supplies and stimulates the body with an individual treatment over a longer period of time with micronutrients.

The hair roots are supplied with nutrients again and hair grows.

We live beyond our means. Our body's storage of nutrients and energy is continuously decreasing.

The body is forced to economize.He saves on things that are not vital: Cells and hair roots are no longer supplied with the substances they need

Powerhair® provides your body and hair with the micronutrients they need. With a treatment tailored to you and your needs.

Hair roots are supplied with nutrients again and after just 4 weeks there is a stop to hair loss and more hair growth.

With the power of
Powerhair® treatment

Supply the body with vitamins and nutrients tailored to your needs and both promote hair growth and stop hair loss. This in different effective periods and personalized composition.

With the power of
Powerhair® Care

Supply the body with important nutrients for 4 weeks and stop hair loss. This is how you get to know the standardized Powerhair® within 4 weeks.

More than 500 enthusiastic POWERHAIR® customers and there are more every day...

"Since I've been using Powerhair and my hair has actually grown, I feel more feminine and as a result I'm more self-confident. I shine and am perceived positively. My hairdresser was amazed by Powerhair and the results."

Sara Arnold - Baar, Switzerland

"Since taking it I feel much more vital and have significantly more energy. I needed a bit more patience for the first results with the hair. After 5 months it was obvious that at which point there hadn't been a hair for 40 years, now new hair had grown."

Mr Schlumpf - Zug, Switzerland


«The successful Swiss nutritionist Simone Häcki has been researching this topic for many years and has developed a unique preparation Powerhair®, which supports hair growth in both women and men.»

Life Magazine

«Based on practical experience, the experienced nutritionist Simone Barbara Häcki from Zug has developed a solution to effectively tackle hair loss at the root»

my health magazine

"Simone Häcki explains and shows how important it is to eat healthily."

Zug week

The crucial influence of nutrients on hair growth

Dr. Andreas Scheler explains

Dr. Andreas Scheler, specialist in general medicine and naturopathic treatments, runs the Salusmed Center Kreuzlingen as the senior physician.
The central topics are the ColonConcept and micronutrient medicine.

Healthy hair growth with the Powerhair® treatment

With the individual Powerhair® treatment, hair loss can be stopped in just 2-3 weeks and natural hair growth can be reactivated within 6 to 24 months.

Not sure and still have questions? Book a free consultation here and now and take the first step towards healthy hair growth.

With the power of
Powerhair® treatment

Supply the body with vitamins and nutrients tailored to your needs and both promote hair growth and stop hair loss.

Supply the body with vitamins and nutrients tailored to your needs and both promote hair growth and stop hair loss

This distinguishes Powerhair® from
common hair restorers

A basic distinction is made between the external and internal form of therapy. Powerhair® is a therapy from within. There are also chemical drugs such as Propezia and dietary supplements for hair loss remedies. Chemical drugs can also work well, but leave serious damage to the body. They can lead to impotence, among other things. Below you will find the main differences between Powerhair® and conventional dietary supplements.

Powerhair® Conventional means

Custom blend

Standard Blend

Maximum natural substances

Mainly synthetic substances



Plant matrix enables absorption through the small intestine

Can only be absorbed from the stomach (30/70)

No interaction within the fabrics

Adverse interaction via stomach (Ca/Fer)

Free of any additives

Coating agents, fillers

Natural retard effect

No retard effect

Empty cellulose absorbs and expels heavy metals from the colon

No other effects in body

Dosage 10 to 50 times higher than all other products

Weak dosage

About 40 ingredients

1 to 5 ingredients

Do you have anymore questions? Use our FAQ or make an appointment for a consultation

How should I take the Powerhair® granules?

You take a measuring spoonful of granules in your mouth and drink a glass of waterAlternatively, you can mix the granules with yoghurt or fruit juice. You can also use a tube to prevent the granules from sticking to your teeth. The granules must not be heated, otherwise valuable vitamins will be lost.

How long do I have to take Powerhair®?

We recommend a 12-month cure. Powerhair usually stops hair loss within 4 weeks. The first new hairs are usually visible after 6-9 months, in rare cases after 18 to 24 months.

Should I expect hair to grow all over my body?

No, Powerhair® only works on the scalp and hair. After all, when there is hair loss on the head, no beard or leg hair falls out.

What if I still don't see success after 6 months?

We recommend a 12-month cure. The first results are usually visible after 6-9 months, in rare cases after 18 to 24 months. Depending on the extent of the lack of minerals in the body, the reconstruction takes longer. We recommend doing this treatment every 4 years for 3 resp. 6 months to repeat. In order to keep the beautiful hair, it has also been shown to be effective to repeat a 3-month treatment every year after the 12-month treatment. As needed to prevent future nutrient deficits.

What time of day should I take Powerhair®?

The time of day doesn't matter; it is important to take Powerhair® at least once a day with a meal.

What if I forget to take Powerhair® one or more times?

You will get the best results if you take Powerhair® regularly for 12 months. Even on vacation. If you forget to take it, just continue to take it normally without increasing the daily dose.

Does Powerhair® have side effects?

No. In rare cases, the intestinal caring guar gum used in Powerhair® can lead to diarrhea or constipation during the first few days. However, if you drink enough water, these side effects are less likely. If something is uncomfortable with taking it, please contact us so that we can recommend other ways of taking it.

Can I combine Powerhair® with other vitamin supplements?

In principle this is possible, but in many cases it is no longer necessary. Your vitamin needs are covered with Powerhair® in many areas. Beware of overdoses.

Can I take it at the same time as medication?

If you have to take medication in the morning, please ensure that you take Powerhair® at least 2 hours later If taken at the same time, this can lead to a delayed absorption of the active substance of the medication. The retard effect of the vegetable matrix is ​​important so that the micronutrients of Powerhair® are absorbed by the body over a period of 12 hours and this is optimally supplied.

How much water do I have to drink with this?

Drink between 1.5 - 3 liters of water per day. If you drink more, you run the risk of minerals washing out in your intestines and being lost. In this case, we recommend drinking at least 1.5 liters of well-mineralized, preferably still, mineral water (a high calcium and magnesium content is important).

What do I do if I don't like the taste?

Powerhair® has a natural orange flavor and is easily digestible. However, the following basic rule applies: the worse you feel the taste, the greater the nutrient deficiency in your body. This changes over time. Taking Powerhair® can cause bad breath in the first 2-4 weeks. This is an unpleasant, but positive sign. It means that a detoxification process is going on in your body, but it will pass. We recommend chewing cardamom seeds for a natural and efficient way to refresh your mouth.

Why shouldn't I take it on an empty stomach?

Powerhair® micronutrients are so pure that if taken on an empty stomach, they can cause nausea.

How long does it take after receipt of payment until I have Powerhair® at home?

The Powerhair® treatment you have ordered will be manufactured individually for you by the manufacturer in Switzerland according to your specifications and our mixing specifications and sent by post. The whole process takes between 3 to 10 working days. We ship worldwide.

How should I store Powerhair®?

Store your mixture in a dark place at room temperature or even better in the refrigerator.

Up to what age group is Powerhair® recommended?

All of our customers are between the ages of 18 and 85 and have all responded very positively to Powerhair®.

Does Powerhair® also work against dandruff?

According to our subjects: yes

Does Powerhair® also work on bald heads?

According to our subjects: yes (but takes 12 to 18 months).

Does Powerhair® also work on thin hair?

According to our subjects: yes. However, the hair returns to the condition it was in when it was at its best.

Does Powerhair® accelerate hair growth?

Yes. According to our study, the first successes can already be seen after 2 months. In some subjects, results were only visible after 9 months. Depending on the extent of the lack of minerals in the body, the recovery takes longer.

What is the difference between internal and external forms of therapy?

A distinction is made between chemical medicines such as Propezia, etc., and dietary supplements when it comes to hair loss remedies. Chemical drugs can also work, but leave serious damage to the body. Chemical drugs can lead to impotence, among other things.

What makes Powerhair® different from other hair restorers?

Powerhair® relies on the effect from within. Our product is based on the method of providing the body with a powerful supply of important micronutrients that are tailored to the individual needs of customers. Our goal is to strengthen the capillary blood vessels that supply the hair root with nutrients from the blood. With Powerhair® you buy a high-quality product that differs from conventional hair restorers in many ways:

  • Powerhair® is individually tailored to your personal needs, with conventional products you usually buy a standard product that does not take your individual needs into account.
  • With Powerhair® your body gets about 40 nutrients, while conventional products usually only provide your body with 1 to 5 nutrients.
  • The dosage with Powerhair® is about 10 to 50 times higher than with conventional products!
  • Powerhair® contains a maximum of natural substances, conventional products mostly contain synthetically manufactured substances
  • Powerhair® is available as granules. The plant matrix enables absorption through the small intestine. Conventional products are usually in the form of tablets, the ingredients can only be absorbed through the stomach.
  • With Powerhair® there is no interaction of the ingredients, while with conventional products undesirable interactions (Ca/Fer) can take place in the stomach.
  • Powerhair® is free of any additives, while conventional products usually contain coating agents and fillers
  • Powerhair® impresses with its retard effect (nutrients are slowly released into the body), while conventional tablets have no retard effect.
  • The Powerhair® cellulose absorbs heavy metals in the large intestine and directs them out (detoxification). This effect does not exist with tablets.

Can I achieve the same effect through healthy and conscious nutrition?

A healthy and nutritious diet is always recommended. In our opinion, in order to get your body to supply the lower-priority hair roots, you need a targeted nutrient treatment with a high dosage. A regular intake of all required nutrients through daily meals is not so easy to achieve in our everyday life, which is why our body constantly lives with temporary nutrient deficits. For this reason, we recommend the Powerhair® cures, the dosage of which is precisely tailored to your needs. If your hair is already suffering, a nutrient deficiency is most likely already present.

Why is Powerhair® not available in pharmacies?

We also wanted to offer Powerhair® through pharmacies, but the margins in the pharmacy trade are so high that the price of our high-quality nutrients would have become too expensive. For this reason, we prefer direct online sales, as well as through our practice and sales through distribution partners and in clinics.

Does Powerhair® also help with genetic hair loss?

We have also been able to achieve positive results with genetically caused hair loss. In our opinion, we understand genetic hair loss to mean that the supply of the hair roots through inheritance has a low priority. Nevertheless, these hair roots can benefit from a Powerhair® treatment, as the nutrients make the blood capillaries underneath the hair roots functional again and thus supply the hair roots with more nutrients again. This promotes your hair growth.

How long will it take before I start seeing results?

First results are usually visible after 6-9 months, in rare cases after 18 to 24 months.

Is there a guarantee of success?

We are not allowed to give a guarantee. We also cannot check that you take Powerhair® regularly. But we can see that when Powerhair® is taken regularly with the individually tailored dosage, most customers (about 94%) are highly satisfied with the result.

Are there side effects of Powerhair®?

Supply with vital micronutrients has many positive side effects. Customers generally feel more vital and less tired. In the beginning, the intestines may react with diarrhea or constipation. This is the body's natural detoxification response. However, this should calm down after 2-8 weeks at the latest.

No other undesirable side effects are currently known.

How can I see the specific deficiencies in my body?

Blood tests or similar do not directly show deficiency symptoms, because blood tests only show which substances are currently being transported in the blood. The body eventually goes into economy mode. If vital organs are adequately supplied but low-priority cells are undersupplied, then this can only be diagnosed on the basis of external symptoms (such as hair loss, skin abnormalities).