nutrient deficiency

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Nutrients are necessary for life

Metabolic processes, growth processes, cleaning processes and processes of the immune system are constantly running in our body. All of this requires energy and very specific micronutrients. We refer to vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements as micronutrients.

The body lacks important nutrients to ensure the metabolism in the body cells.


In the event of illness, stress or unhealthy lifestyle habits, the body's own processes run at full speed and the need for these nutrients increases. Today's life has become more comfortable in many ways, but also more hectic and fast-paced. As a result, our need for micronutrients has increased significantly.

At the same time, the vitamin and nutrient content of the food we can buy today in an industrialized society has decreased significantly compared to before. The reasons for this lie in the agricultural, storage and transport-related changes and developments of our time.

All of this has meant that even with a reasonably healthy diet, it is no longer so easy to cover our nutrient target through daily food. We feel full and gain weight, but the body still lacks important nutrients to ensure metabolism in the body cells.


Over many tens of thousands of years of human development, our body has learned to deal with a temporary lack of nutrients. In times of shortage, our body adjusts to the situation, switches the supply to an emergency program and can hold out for a certain time. If you consciously pay attention to your body signals, you will feel this in symptoms of tiredness, listlessness, lack of concentration, but also hair loss. Long-term malnutrition can even damage the affected body cells.

For this reason, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, we also recommend providing the body with the micronutrients that are so important.