hair loss


Interesting facts about hair loss

YOU are struggling with hair loss and want to do something about it?

We recommend that you first understand the background, because if you understand the connections and processes in your body better, you can do something about it.

Hair loss background

There are many possible triggers for hair loss, often there is a nutrient deficit that must be taken seriously from a health point of view, which works quietly and quietly in the body! The following reasons can lead to hair loss, dull or thin hair:

  • poor circulation in the scalp
  • acute stress or latent long-term stress
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Various diseases
  • Shock conditions
  • Environmental toxins, heavy metal pollution, rapid weight reduction or diets
  • Chemotherapy / Radiation
  • unhealthy or unbalanced diet
  • General lack of nutrients
  • genetic requirements
  • Pain, physical or psychological
  • Hormonal fluctuations and hormonal imbalance


All of these causes ultimately lead to a reaction in your body that reduces the supply of important nutrients to your hair roots.

The very fine and thin blood capillaries, which transport the nutrients that are so important from the bloodstream to the hair root cell, become thinner and thinner for the above-mentioned reasons until they are finally no longer able to transport nutrients.

The goal of any hair loss therapy should therefore always be the reactivation of the capillaries so that they become functional again.

Your body must agree to restore a supply.

So if you want to get your hair loss problem under control, you have to solve the problem from within. Your body must agree to restore a supply.

In our opinion and method, this is best achieved through a targeted nutrient supplement tailored to the person with a sufficiently high dosage and regular intake of the nutrients over several months.

Our experience has shown that even with hereditary hair loss, very good results are possible with a Powerhair® treatment. If in doubt, discuss this with us and let us advise you in advance!