Taking Powerhair

How is Powerhair® taken?

You receive the Powerhair® nutrient mixtures as granules in the form of small balls.

These granules are best taken with water, some fruit juice or yoghurt. The granules have the property of better protecting the vital substances they contain when they pass through the stomach than tablets or capsules. All of the micronutrients can then be absorbed by the organism via the intestinal wall and fed to the body's stores.


The granules must not be heated, otherwise valuable vitamins will be lost.

You have received an individual recommendation from us for the daily dosage. Please stick to this dosage. You can take your recommended daily dose on 1 or 2 portions per day. Our recommendation is: preferably one ration in the morning and one in the evening. There is no benefit in increasing the daily ration, the daily requirement is already optimally adjusted for you.

Good to know:

  • In the first week we recommend that you only take half the dose so that your intestines can slowly get used to the high-quality micronutrients and the detoxification.
  • If you are taking medication, we recommend that you wait 2 hours before taking the Powerhair® nutrients.
  • Keep protected from light and dry