"See obstacles as opportunities"

A chance discovery in her work as a nutritionist gave Simone Wietlisbach a business idea: a product against hair loss. In the interview, she tells how it came about, what challenges she had to overcome and what she advises other entrepreneurs.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​developing a product against hair loss?

As a nutritionist in my own practice, I have been used to working with the micronutrients according to the HCK® modular system since 2002. Then, in 2009, I had a pivotal experience from which many people have benefited in the meantime: A woman of about 40 came to my practice with the desire to lose 15 kilograms. In order to achieve her feel-good weight, we drew up a personal nutrition plan with the customer, which included a balanced supply of essential nutrients and vital substances in addition to a change in diet. In response to her question as to whether HCK® not only supports healthy weight loss, but also helps against her extremely thinning hair, I could not and did not want to make any promises at first. I buried myself in textbooks for two weeks to find answers and created a personalized mix for them. With a complex thought construct and a dash of intuition, I was able to help my client. After just nine months, this woman again had a full head of hair about three inches long. Word of the sense of achievement then got around and more and more customers with similar cases followed. After several years of numerous positive customer reviews and refinements to the formula, the original Powerhair cure was born in 2015 and is available online.