"Seeing Obstacles as Opportunities"

A chance discovery in her job as a nutritionist gave Simone Wietlisbach a business idea: a product against hair-loss. In the interview, she tells us how it came about, what challenges she had to overcome, and what advice she has for other female entrepreneurs.

How did you get the idea to develop a product against hair-loss?

I have been working as a nutritionist in my own practice since 2002 and am used to working with micronutrients according to the HCK® modular system. In 2009, I had a key experience from which many people have since benefited: A 40-year-old lady came to my practice with the wish to lose 15 kilograms. To reach her feel-good weight, we jointly created a personalized program that included a change in diet as well as a balanced intake of essential nutrients and vital substances. When she asked me if HCK® not only supported healthy weight-loss but would also help with her severely thinning hair, I couldn't and wouldn't make any promises at first. I buried myself in medical books for a fortnight to find answers and created a custom blend for her. By applying a complex theory of thought and a pinch of intuition, I was able to help my client. After just nine months, my client had a full head of hair again, about seven centimeters long. After that, word of the success spread, and more and more clients followed with similar cases. After several years of positive customer reviews and improvements to the formulas, the original Powerhair treatment was born in 2015 and made available online.