"Most Inventions are Unplanned Discoveries. So was Powerhair."

You have been working successfully as a nutritionist for over 20 years - what prompted you to launch a product for hair regeneration?

Through my work as a nutritionist, I have been working with the granules we also use for our hair-growth mixtures for many years - although in a different composition. This means that I have known about the many positive properties of this type of supplementation for a long time, as I have successfully used it with many clients to support weight-loss. Researching the human body and the effects of vitamins and minerals on our metabolism is my greatest passion. I have continued to educate myself and conduct research over the years, so when a client asked me if the vitamins which I had prescribed to support her weight-loss would also help her problem hair-loss, I was eager to investigate.

How serious was her hair condition?

Very bad. Her hair was not only brittle and dull, but also severely thinning. She had already tried everything and was quite desperate - it broke my heart. I ambitiously studied her case and put together an individual formula that I prescribed to her over a longer period. After nine months, she not only had new hair which was almost eight centimetres long, but also noticeably thicker and stronger hair - we were both thrilled. However, I owe my true epiphany to an 84-year-old customer who came to me and specifically asked for a hair supplement. The result was so overwhelming - even the bald spots on her scalp had grown back completely with hair - that her hairdresser called me a few months later wanting to know what I had given his client! After this experience, it became clear to me: if micronutrients still have their full effect at such a mature age, it must also work for many other people. And so the idea for Powerhair® was born.

How does a nutrient deficiency occur?

The body is like a mobile - a balanced structure of many individual elements: That is why you can never compensate for a deficiency with just one nutrient preparation. To restore balance, you need a mixture of different substances in the right dosage and considering very personal factors: For example, if someone suffers from anger, sorrow, and worry, then the liver, among other things, is impacted. In this case, I add substances that cleanse and support this central metabolic organ. If a body is under constant stress, it is also over-acidified and thus susceptible to so-called silent inflammations - including under the scalp, which attacks the hair root. These are only a few examples of possible dysfunctions in the body.

So, should one consider individual nutrient deficiencies from a holistic point of view?

Absolutely! If someone tries to find nightly rest by drinking alcohol regularly, for example, then not only are certain vitamin reserves emptied, but other substances are also lost through a chain of reaction, due to their relationship in the body. I refer to them as "sister substances", which include iron, for example: If there is a deficiency of this trace element, vitamin B12 begins to compensate for the effect of iron.

If the vitamin B12 level also drops over time, vitamin B6 in turn compensates for this new deficit. Like a domino effect, one deficiency leads to another. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the overall nutrient demand and supply it optimally. If the body is continuously supplied with vital nutrients, leaks are plugged, and deficiencies replenished. This abundance results in healthy, strong, and full hair!

What distinguishes Powerhair from other hair-growth products?

Powerhair® products are ingested - that means they work from the inside out, not the outside in. Our products are not made from synthetic ingredients, but from ingredients that are as natural as possible. This means that our micronutrients are as naturally derived as possible. Although this process is very costly and time-intensive, it was important to me from the start to work only with bioidentical preparations, because the body can absorb and, above all, utilize these substances far better than their synthetic counterparts. Moreover, our Powerhair® mixtures consist of about 40 different nutrients, whereas conventional products usually only contain 1 to 7. And: the dosage of Powerhair® is about 10 to 50 times higher than that of conventional products. Even a large amount of qualitative nutrients is of little use to the body if it cannot absorb them well. For this reason, we process our micronutrients in granule form rather than in tablets. The granules do not dissolve in the stomach like tablets, but pass undamaged into the small intestine, where they are almost completely absorbed by the body. The absorption properties of our blends are so efficient that they are nearly identical to those of fruit and vegetables. In addition, our granules have a natural sustained-release effect. This means that the nutrients are released steadily into the body over a period of 6 to 8 hours, instead of all at once and being excreted unprocessed.

Should I expect my hair growth to be generally stimulated, i.e., all over my body?

No. I don't have a precise scientific explanation for this, but after all, hair-loss only affects scalp hair and not beard or leg hair. We have not received any feedback from clients who have suddenly complained about increased body hair.

Does taking Powerhair cause any side-effects?

Yes - but only in a positive sense. Digestion is stimulated, sleep and the skin's appearance are improved and one feels altogether more vital and energetic. In addition, Powerhair® products also have a strong detoxifying effect. Powerhair® cellulose acts like a sponge in the large intestine: it absorbs existing heavy metals and helps to eliminate them. This is a very important aspect, because heavy metal contamination can actually lead to hair-loss. Heavy metals impair liver function - and the liver is partly responsible for hair-growth.

Are you already developing additional formulas?

Oh yes! As I mentioned before, I am very passionate about customising micronutrient blends to individual needs. I have already had promising results with top athletes, depressed patients and patients struggling with fertility, and have these blends in the pipeline. I am even tinkering with a special treatment for pets.

What is the driving force behind the development of Powerhair?

I am firmly convinced that a vital, healthy person goes through life happier and more satisfied. This has a far greater effect on our environment than we are even aware of. Health is something fundamental and it brings me joy to know that I contribute positively to society through my work with people.

Interview by Nina Merli with CEO and founder Simone Wietlisbach